Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Must have Android Apps for streamlining your daily activities

It won’t be wrong to call this era as a smartphone age; after all smartphones have replaced many other vital devices from our lifestyle. Before smartphones, mobile devices substituted pen & paper, calculator, handy calendar, phone diary, etc. from our day to day life and then smartphones came and completely replaced gadgets like ordinary mobile phones, desktops, laptops, palm tops, pocket video games, etc. Android Phones have functionality and applications that are sufficient to compensate for one and all of the above mentioned devices. Therefore, to make life smooth and easy going, you need an Android Mobile Developer with Android Phone  loaded with required applications but, how to decide what to have and what to discard from your device? 

You need to have a proper strategy for loading apps in your Android Phone to make it function efficiently. There are many applications available on Google Play for Android devices that will help you in managing your day in a better manner and conveniently. Few apps that you should have in your device for streamlining your activities are:

Calendar and Task Apps:

You can have this amazing app in your device that will display all the important events of yours from each of your Google Accounts when synchronized with your Android device. With this app you can also create, edit and delete events to customize your calendar. This app does not hinder non-Google calendars and you may view all other calendars and their entries at the same time. This will also help you in emailing all event guests from a notification with a customizable message.



It is a groundbreaking Calendar and Tasks app that lets you arrange and re-arrange your day easily using an insightful agenda view. It has complete sync with Google Calendar and Google Tasks.

Call Management App:

This app will let you manage your calls and SMS at once by creating lists from your contact list. You can also add or remove number manually from lists like block calls, auto answer, record call, block SMS, save SMS, etc. The objective of this application is to automatically receive incoming calls, reduce the effort spent by the user to receive call by sliding out the receiver every time, auto reject or block calls from specific numbers like from telemarketers or all incoming calls as selected by the user convenience to simplify the call-handling process.

Internet Browsing:

Chrome on your Android Phone can change the way you use internet browsers as here you have the option of syncing the desktop computer’s tabs/browsing history with your mobile device and have a fantastic browsing experience while on the go. It’s free on Google Play and is the first and foremost app that you should plan for your android phone.

Social Networking

Needless to say anything about these most popular social networking sites that have become a platform for social communication as well as for expressing concerns over serious issues. You should have these apps to be in touch with your friends’ community as well as latest happenings around the world.